Reiki: Healing With Universal Life Force Energy - with Lisa Ruokis

October 9, 2015

Real Talk for the New Age. - Created and hosted by Rebecca Muir - Episode 13 - Reiki: Healing With Universal Life Force Energy. "Reiki is basically a spiritual energy. When you're being attuned, your chakras are being opened up and they place the symbols in your chakra and then basically it's 'turned on'. I remember feeling the energy in my hands and it was pretty amazing. I didn't really think it would work that well (laughs). I felt a tingling energy, like a pulsating kind of thing. And a lot of times I feel cold. They say sometimes when you feel the energy that it's cold or hot. It could be lots of things, and maybe you don't feel anything, but I remember at the time I felt a pulsating energy." - Reiki Master Lisa Ruokis. Connect with Lisa at


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